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Vendors and groups: & Tropical Cheddar
Alana: Traditional artwork (prints), keychains, buttons, stickers. Michael: prints, sculptures and models. Instagram:

Alice Scythe
Art prints. Buttons.

Anime Cafe Plus NL
We are Anime Cafe plus selling all this Anime that are 100% authentic. We sell everything from kitchenware, plush toys and keychains, to figures, wallets, and gift sets

Broke Gang Vinyl
Broke Gang Vinyl is a youth owned business specializing in the design and production of pre-made and custom vinyl decals, banners and other vinyl branding for use on vehicles, cellphone cases, laptops, interior walls, etc. Decals can be as small as 2"x2" or as large as 2' wide x 10' long. Price of products range from $5 to $45 for most items. Custom order and large format orders price will depend on a number of factors. Special Event pricing and discounts may also be used during the event. Website:, Instagram: @brokegangvinyl, Facebook: Broke Gang Vinyl and Design

Buddytoad Collectibles
Pop Vinyl, video games, and collectibles

Cardboard Heroes
Comics, coins, and more

Cursed Matcha Design
I offer high-quality pixel art prints and stickers. I offer a combination of both original and videogame inspired pieces. Examples of the work I'll be selling and pictures of my table at Sci-Fi on the Rock 2019 can be seen here: My website to be linked is here: Thank you!

D&B Collectibles
Vintage Collectible toys, Games and game systems, perler art

We hand make apparel, accessories, decorations for your home, plushies, and lots more!

Fantastic Finds NL
Toys, electronics, phone grips, fidget spinners, theme clothing, wide variety

Flavours of India
We prepare authentic Indian meals. We prepare Hindu non veg and vegan meals including butter chicken, chicken korma, tandoori chicken, chana masala(chickpea) Alu palak(Potato spinach) Alu matar (Potato pea), Indian basmati rice etc. We also serve naan bread, samosa, mungoda(lentil balls), chutneys

Fog Elemental
I do fanart prints of games, pop culture, etc. I also do original art which is mostly fantasy/sci-fi I also make geeky and non-geeky jewlery . you can check out my art at

Fresh Prints by Blair
Artist from Labrador, currently living in St. John’s. Fresh prints by Blair will be selling original art, prints, pins and stickers of pop and nerd inspired culture. Uses bright colors inspired by 80s and 90s comics and movies, and often paints original using acrylic paint on canvas.

Game On Collectables
We sell all kinds of collectables, games and systems

Ginger Pins and Designs
Anime-themed enamel pins, prints, acrylic keychains, and accessories

Gray Wings Studios
I sell prints, stickers, button, key-chains, and commissions of custom artwork. Most of which are of anime themes and pop-culture.

JJ's Funstop
Pokemon/Yugioh Cards, Cosplay weapons/props, anime toys,

Sells original and fan art prints

Lost Woods Creations
3D printed and hand made wooden items. Find us on Instagram @Lost.Woods.Creations or Facebook at

Mad Maddox Cosplay
I make and sell cosplay accessories and other geek culture items. These include but not limited to: faux fur tails/ears, aviator hats, plague doctor masks, mini top hats/tricorns, light bulb air balloons, pin cushions, geek themed wallets, lace ears and other free standing lace creations. Also I offer commissions for specialized versions of any of these items or larger projects.

Masterkey Geekery
Paintings, jewelry and other handmade crafts.

Matt Cummings Art
Black and white prints of my own hand drawn and inked art work

Mickeelie Molloy
I make a variety of geeky themed apparel, jewelry and accessories using clay, resin, felt, and jewelry components. I also sell t-shirts, hand painted shoes, plush, key chains and much more. My inspiration comes from Adventure Time, Steven Universe, Sailor Moon, Bee and Puppy cat, DC Heroes, Pokemon, Studio Ghibli Disney and more.

Nerdy Stitchin'
hand embroidered stititchin projects

Orangetheory Fitness
Orangetheory is a science-backed, technology-tracked, coach-inspired group workout designed to produce results from the inside out. The hardest part of our workouts is showing up - we make it simple for you to push yourself, be your personal best and give you more. MORE results. MORE confidence. MORE Life. More than a gym. Because you shouldn’t live to exercise. You should exercise to live.

Pixels by RSVP
I'm a professional game artist & would be selling various pixel art pieces as prints, stickers, magnets & buttons. Available designs are a mix of fan art (mainly Nintendo themed pieces), original content, and a few Newfoundland-y pieces. My most popular prints to date include (un-animated): (also a Donkey Kong Minecart piece and a Pokemon snap piece - examples currently unavailable online. Will follow up with an e-mail in the coming days) Newer designs (mainly for smaller items) include: I also have a number of fan art pixel paintings including Pikmin, Zelda, Chibi Robo, Smash Bros & Star Wars that are either WIP or need some polishing for me to feel comfortable selling, but will be finished before July in either case. Prices: Stickers: $1 and up Prints: $5 - $30 Magnets/Buttons: TBA

Polar Pressing
We are Polar Pressing, Newfoundland's first and only comic book pressing and cleaning company. We can help improve or remove defects from your comic books and gaming items (board game items and card game like MTG) such as spine rolls, dents, folds, general dirt buildup, residues, and grease pen, among other defects, thus drastically increasing their visual presentation. Whether for investment, pre-submission for grading, or for your own personal satisfaction, let us help your collection reach its highest potential. Check us out on Facebook at

Ralph del Mundo
Graphic Novel, Art Posters, traditional Artwork, Artistic Trinkets

Reghan Mac
My work is a homage to animation, comics, and storytelling; with bright colours and intricate details, I hope to express a narrative that usually explores the ideas of self-reflection, interpersonal relationships, and sometimes stuff that just looks pretty. While most of what I sell is art prints, I also offer zines, buttons, stickers, and in-house commissions as well (which are done in inkwash).

Offering my own art work on pins, magnets, stickers, keychains, zipper pulls, posters, and originals. Most work based on older cartoons, video games, and comics. (@retroartnl on Facebook and Instagram) I also offer custom pins, magnets, keychains, zipper pulls, and stickers as XPro Pins ( Also work from sponsored young artist, 16 year old Amy Brenton from Marystown. (@doodle.inco on Instagram). In addition to pins, magnets, keychains, zipper pulls, stickers, posters, and prints, Amy will also a small selection of pearlier bead magnets and charms.

Rowdy Pineapple
Handmade bags, purses and wallets. Custom work done on request.

Saturn Bears
We sell handmade anime and magical girl themed jewelery, accessories and other things such as prints and tshirts!

Scentsy Independent Super Star Director
We sell scented goods in many different product lines. From on the go products, home products, laundry line, skin line, bath line, cleaning line, and children's line. We also just got a partnership with Disney, so we also have a Disney line!

Signage Clothing and crafts
African fabric used to make apron, pillow covers,table runner,make up bags,purses,clothes etc

Sip n' Sew
Homemade banners, dog bandanas, baby bibs, pillows, signs and glassware (possible shirts). Facebook page under Sip n' Sew

I sell prints, stickers, charms, stationary and more! All geeky themed and hand drawn by me :)

Spooky Sparkles
Original fanartworks

Stage & Studio Supply
Theatrical, film, dance - cosmetics, cosplay and production supplies.

Student Works Painting
We are a student run company that provides painting and staining services to people in NL to help pay for our university tuition :)

Taylor Made
Hand painted anatomy (acrylic/watercolour)

Tied Up
Corsets and accessories.

Unspoken Gods Original art prints, books, enamel pins, all original content from an ongoing project called Unspoken Gods

VE's Creations
I hand paint/decorate glassware and ornaments

Wendigo Wands
Hand carved Wands and other witchy items along with some art prints/stickers/other art. We are instagram based @wendigowands

Extra Life Newfoundland and Labrador Guild
Extra Life Newfoundland and Labrador is powered by dedicated and passionate gamers who increase funds and awareness for Janeway Children’s Hospital Foundation by playing games to heal kids with the Extra Life program. We do this by hosting and attending gaming events throughout the year.

Here Kitty Kitty Productions
We put off burlesque and other oddities variety shows to various themes (nerdlesque, literature, internet, musicals etc)

IPMS St. John's
Plastic Model Building

Independent Publishers of Newfoundland and Labrador

Increase societal awareness of the disability and employment

We build LEGO!

NL Horror Con/Carl's Creepshow
Convention/Youtube interview show

R2 Builders
Build replicas of R2D2 droids

Sci-Fi On The Rock
Science Fiction/Fantasy/Horror Convention

Steampunk Newfoundland
Steampunk Newfoundland is a positive, inclusive, and welcoming group for those from (or living in) Newfoundland, Canada who are interested in steampunk (and related genres such as clockpunk, neo-Victorianism, teslapunk, dieselpunk, and et cetera.)!


Board Game library, Lego build table, Rock Band freeplay, a costume contest, geeky seminars and demos and so much more! 

Friday-Sunday, July 19-21, 2019